Welcome…to the Pacifica Consortium.

We are a collective of diverse medical, engineering and research professionals gathered together with the common vision to improve and protect our world through innovation.

Our family of private companies and consultants encompass the dental, medical, veterinary and environments sciences. Though this gathering, we execute fundamental research, conceptualization, analysis, development and prototyping of innovations through the patent phase.

In alignment with our common vision, we maintain a private charitable foundation. The foundation underwrites worthy qualified charities and efforts centered upon the protection of our world.

Involvement with our team is by “invitation only” based on credentials review of qualified medical/engineering professionals.

We are not an employer. We are a collective of innovators who have chosen to combine our talents and resources to turn dreams into realities. Through our university relationships, we occasionally offer internships for undergraduate/graduate students.

We welcome you to learn more about us through our site and we sincerely ​hope your visit with us will inspire your innovation as well.

Thank You for visiting our site.
May your innovational visions strive to protect the world as well.

Information Releases

Enjoy visiting our publications page to increase your knowledge and embrace your innovational spirit. Our team periodically releases various articles, briefings and publications on various subjects. We believe in passing on our discoveries and experience in the spirit of cooperation and sharing. Follow us HERE.


A comprehensive prospectus of our team and resources is available to qualified individuals, entities or entrepreneurial teams who feel our visions may be aligned. You may contact us HERE.

Latest News & Events

Release 02/22/2017 - The Pacifica Consortium has just partnered with the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge to help maintain the refuge for the betterment of the local species protected there. Mr. Mark Trent has become a new volunteer with organization.